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Voting No on the Recall: Gov. Newsom's record on the Jewish community

1 Sep 2021 5:33 PM | Anonymous

Jewish voters and activists are joining Democrats across the state to fight this Republican-funded recall.  Governor Newsom's leadership has shown as our Delta-variant COVID cases have not skyrocketed the way Florida and Texas has. The stakes are too high and Governor Newsom's record is closely aligned with Jewish community values. 

  • Jewish groups praised Governor Newsom's leadership for his veto of the 2020 Ethnic Studies Bill until antisemitic content was removed.
  • Governor Newsom has continued to build close relationships with Israel to increase trade and share water conservation technology.
  • Newsom has made major investments in the Jewish community such as:
    • $65 million authorized for the Nonprofit Security program to keep synagogues safe.
    • $13.5 million for Jewish museums and libraries such as the LA Museum of Tolerance, the LA Museum of the Holocaust and the Tauber Holocaust Library operated by Jewish Family Services in the Bay Area
    • $23 million to repair Jewish day camps damaged by the Woolsey and Tubbs fires.
    • $14.8 for the Multipurpose Seniors Program
    • $5.7 million for LA Jewish Family Services SOVA food bank program
    • $8 million for the Enhanced Service Program for Asylees which was a top priority for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

We can not afford to lose Governor Newsom's leadership and trade it in for the multitude of Trump loyalists running to replace him, especially if something happens to Senator Feinstein, but also because of this leadership on the environment, education and keeping the state on track fighting COVID.

 Democrats for Israel California,  49 E Ocean Blvd #685, Long Beach, CA 90802,

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