2022 California Statewide, Legislative & Congressional Democratic Candidates

Our local affiliates endorse at the local level.  Please check with your local club.  

How We Grade:  DFI-CA offers grades based on a questionnaire with questions about interactions with the Jewish community, Israel, BDS and combatting antisemitism.

  • Strong Supporter:  Distinguished record of working with the Jewish community and championing their values
  • Supporter: Holds positions in line with Jewish community and Democratic Party values, including support for Israel, combatting antisemitism and record of working with the Jewish community.
  • Neutral: Unclear about positions in line with Jewish community and/or Democratic Party values, including support for Israel, combatting antisemitism and record of working with the Jewish community.
  • Opposed:  Has expressed positions hostile to or in opposition to the  Jewish community and/or Democratic Party values, including antagonism against Israel, weak record combatting antisemitism (or supporting other antisemitic leaders) and weak record of working with the Jewish community.

*Denotes that the California Democratic Party has endorsed this candidate.  Underlines mean an open seat.

2022 General Election

Statewide Officers

Governor - Gavin Newsom - Strong Supporter* WON

Lt. Governor - Eleni Kounalakis - Strong Supporter*  WON

Treasurer - Fiona Ma - Strong Supporter*  WON

Attorney General - Rob Bonta - Strong Supporter*  WON

Secretary of State - Shirley Weber - Strong Supporter*  WON

Controller - Malia Cohen - Strong Supporter*  WON

Superintendent of Public Instruction - Tony Thurmond - Strong Supporter*  WON

US Senate (Long and Short Term) - Alex Padilla - Strong Supporter*



CD8 John Garamendi - Supporter*  WON

CD9 Josh Harder - Supporter* -  WON

CD11 Nancy Pelosi - Strong Supporter*  WON

CD15 Kevin Mullin - Strong Supporter*  WON

CD16 Anna Eshoo - Strong Supporter*  WON

CD19 Jimmy Panetta - Strong Supporter*  WON


CD26 Julia Brownley - Supporter*  WON

CD27 Christy Smith - Strong Supporter*

CD28 Brad Sherman - Strong Supporter*  WON

CD29 Tony Cardenas - Supporter*  WON

CD30 Adam Schiff - Strong Supporter*  WON

CD31 Judy Chu - Supporter*  WON

CD34 Jimmy Gomez - Supporter*  WON

CD35 Norma Torres - Supporter*  WON

CD36 Ted Lieu - Strong Supporter*  WON

CD37: Sydney Kamlager: Strong Supporter*  WON

CD37 Jan Perry: Strong Supporter

CD 42 Robert Garcia: Supporter  WON


CD40 Asif Mahmood - Supporter*

CD 45 Jay Chen - Strong Supporter*

CD 46 Lou Correa - Strong Supporter*  WON

CD 47 Mike Levin - Strong Supporter* WON

CD 49 Katie Porter - Supporter*  WON

CD 50 Scott Peters - Strong Supporter*  WON

CD 52 Juan Vargas - Strong Supporter*  WON

State Senate


Ben Allen - Strong Supporter*  WON

Daniel Hertzberg - Supporter*

Carolina Menjivar - Supporter  WON

Susan Rubio - Strong Supporter*  WON

Maria Elena Durazo - Supporter*  WON


Tom Umberg - Supporter*  WON

Bob Archuleta - Supporter*  WON

State Assembly


AD 16 Rebecca Bauer-Kahan: Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 23 Marc Berman: Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 26 Evan Low: Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 28 Gail Pellerin: Supporter  WON


AD 40 Pilar Schaivo: Strong Supporter* WON

AD 41 Chris Holden: Supporter*  WON

AD 42 Jacqui Irwin: Supporter*  WON

AD 43 Luz Rivas - Supporter*  WON

AD 44 Laura Friedman: Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 46 Jesse Gabriel: Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 48 Blanca Rubio: Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 49: Mike Fong: Supporter*  WON

AD 51 Rick Chavez Zbur: Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 51 Louie Abramson: Supporter 

AD 52 Wendy Carillo: Supporter*  WON

AD 53 Freddie Rodriguez: Supporter*  WON

AD 54 Miguel Santiago: Supporter*  WON

AD 55 Isaac Bryan: Supporter*  WON

AD 56 Lisa Calderon: Supporter*  WON

AD 57 Reggie Jones-Sawyer: Supporter*  WON

AD 62 Anthony Rendon: Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 65 Mike Gipson*: Supporter*  WON

AD 66 Al Murasuchi: Supporter  WON

AD 69 Josh Lowenthal: Supporter*  WON


AD 73 Cottie Petrie-Norris Strong Supporter*  WON

AD 76 Brian Maienschein - Strong Supporter* WON

AD 78 Christopher Ward - Strong Supporter*  WON

Democratic Central Committee

Democratic Party Elections

Democrats for Israel California hosts Zoom conference forums with candidates for CDP officers and  four DNC members are affiliated with a Democrats for Israel affiliated club.

Democratic Party Delegates

Democrats for Israel is proud to have endorsed over 100 members of the Democratic Central Committee  in 2020-2021 elections, including elected officials, DNC Members, County Committee members and ADEM members.    Candidates for County Committee are endorsed at the county level.

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