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DFI-CA Calls on all Democrats to Stand Against Antisemitism

7 Jun 2021 9:32 PM | Anonymous
This week, Jewish-Americans were stopped at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, asked if they were Jewish and attacked by Pro-Palestinian activists.  In San Francisco, Manny's a Jewish-owned business in the Mission was defaced with Anti-Israel and Antisemitic propaganda.  This business was targeted because the owner was Jewish.

The owner Manny Yekutiel, has served as member of the Democratic State Central Committee and is known for hosting free events for a number of progressive San Francisco community organizations.

While 92% of US Jews support the right of Israel to exist, it is inherently Antisemitic to hold any individual Jew responsible for the acts of Israel, much less to harass, assault, harangue or vandalize their property.  The ADL has noted a sharp uptick in Antisemitic acts (over 17,000), ranging from offensive tweets like #Hitlerwasright to outright acts of vandalism in violence.  Just as violence against Asian American Pacific Islanders increased as US tensions with China rose, so too have acts of violence against Jews risen in the past two weeks.  

DFI-CA appreciates the support of those in the community that have stood against these despicable and cowardly acts. We stand with Manny and the thousands of other Jews targeted by hate. Senator Bernie Sanders called for toning down the rhetoric and focusing on bringing people together, we urge others to follow that lead.

 Democrats for Israel California,  49 E Ocean Blvd #685, Long Beach, CA 90802,

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