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DFI-CA Supports Expand DSCC Presence at Cal Dem Party

25 Feb 2021 11:00 PM | Anonymous

Congratulations to more than 70 DFI-CA members and supporters who were elected to to Assembly District level delegates to the California Democratic Party Democratic Central Committee., joining the over 100 other members who are elected official appointees or elected county committee members.

AD 14 - Susan George

AD 54 - Naomi Goldman, Elina Antoniou, Steve Bartlett 

AD 19 - Michael Sweet, Martin Rawlings-Fein

 AD 66 - Amy Howorth, Tony Hale, Andrew DeBlock, Susan Goodlerner

AD 29 - Glenn Glazer

 AD 68 -  Lee Finik, Ted Perle
AD 38 - Jodie Cooper, Brandon Zavala AD 71 - Tom Lemmon, 

Kenya Taylor

AD 42 - Patrick Weiss

 AD 72 - Stephen Einstein
AD 44 - Josh Donner  AD 73 - Alan Fenning, Lori Fromme
 AD 45 - Kiyomi Kowalski, Renay Grace Rodriguez, Doris Dent, Victoria Solkovits, Michelle Fowle, Yasmine Pomeroy, Micha Liberman, Gregg Solkovits, Cary Brown, CJ Berina

AD 74 - Bethany Webb, , Lauren Johnson-Norris, Kev Abazajian

 AD 46 - Lauren Fishman Perotti, Samantha Dorf, Steve Pierson

Daniel Tamm, Lester Aponte, John Alford, Michael Swords

AD 76 - Kevin Sabellico, Al Goodman, Cecily Resnick, Robert Howard, Kathy Rallings

AD 50 - Aura Vazquez, Tamara Levinson Meltzer, Jackie Pepper, Sepi Shyne, Caroline Torosis, Jon Kat, Steve Bott, Scott Epstein, Brian Kolker

AD 77 - John Finkelman, Jason Bercovitch

AD 78  - Janessa Goldbeck, Jess Durfee

 Democrats for Israel California,  49 E Ocean Blvd #685, Long Beach, CA 90802,

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